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 Audio Tours

Thanks to the all-inclusive Ugide audio-tours, exploring the Maltese Islands has never been easier and so much fun.

With Ugide you are now free to explore the attractions at your own pace; free to choose or change your tour at any time; and free to learn about the places that interest you most.

Enjoy listening to the professionally produced audio-tracks developed by  professional narrators, writers and historians. The accompanying maps and directions are easy to follow and will help you find your way around in no time.

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Pick your preferred sites and tour at your own pace

Historical, educational and packed with exciting stories

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Sample also includes Valletta Map.


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VALLETTA FULL  Audio Tour. Step into the magnificent fortified city of Valletta and immerse yourself in the rich history and legacy of the Knights of St. John. Throughout the centuries, Valletta’s streets, alleys, and surrounding bastions have seen it all - from the bloodiest battles to the stateliest celebrations – and the Ugide Valletta tour is ready to reveal all. Board this exciting journey now, visit the Grand Master's Palace, St. John’s Co-Cathedral and many more, and witness the city’s history unfold before your eyes.


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MDINA  Audio Tour. No visit to Malta is complete without a trip to the silent city of Mdina. As Malta’s first official capital, the magnificent Baroque city of Mdina has centuries of history and tradition that never fail to enchant each and every visitor to step through its regal gates. The Ugide Mdina audio-tour will show you around the old capital’s main sites - such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Vilhena Palace and Xara Palace amongst others and introduce you to all its most notorious heroes and villains.